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Criminal Law Matters:

Expungement of Records under California Law:


Expungement of Records under California Law:
  1. Petition for Dismissal (Expungement): A document filed with the court to request the dismissal and sealing of a criminal record.
  2. Declaration in Support of Petition: A sworn statement explaining the reasons for seeking expungement, demonstrating rehabilitation, and providing supporting evidence.
  3. Order for Dismissal: A court order granting the expungement and sealing of the criminal record.
  4. Motion to Set Aside Conviction: A motion filed with the court to set aside or vacate a previous conviction.


Pardons and Certificates of Rehabilitation under California Law:
  1. Application for Pardon: A document submitted to the California Governor’s Office, Board of Parole Hearings, requesting a gubernatorial pardon.
  2. Personal Statement: A written statement explaining the reasons for seeking a pardon, demonstrating remorse, rehabilitation, and contributions to society.
  3. Character References: Letters from individuals who can vouch for the applicant’s good character, rehabilitation efforts, and community involvement.
  4. Certificate of Rehabilitation Application: A document filed with the appropriate California Superior Court to request a certificate of rehabilitation, which may serve as an eligibility requirement for a pardon.
  5. Supporting Documentation: Various documents such as court records, probation reports, employment history, and rehabilitation program completion certificates.

Please note that this revised list specifically reflects procedures and documents applicable under California law. The requirements and processes may differ in other jurisdictions. It’s always advisable to consult with a legal professional or an LDA to ensure accurate and jurisdiction-specific guidance when dealing with expungements, pardons, certificates of rehabilitation, or seeking relief under California law in criminal matters.